In 1911 and 1912 there was a series of murders, all near train tracks, through the Rocky Mountains region to the Midwest. Today we discuss these horrific crimes leading up to the axe murders in Villisca. 
Do you think they are all the same unknown serial killer? 


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In 1991, Isaac Wright Jr. was wongfully convicted and faced a life in prison. But he kept going and fought for justice, not only for himself, but also for fellow inmates. After 7 years his charges were finally dismissed and Isaac Wright Jr. set out to study law and to become an advocate for people in similar situations. In "For Life: The Podcast" he now tells the true stories of inncocent people fighting for justice.

54 hours! That’s how long it took to end the Gladbeck Hostage Crisis, that started as a bank robbery gone wrong and ended in three deaths: Emanuele de Giorgi, Silke Bischoff and Ingo Hagen.
This week Johanna talks about this crime, that took place in August 1988, and about the role the media played in it.


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We’re headed back to Victorian London as we discuss John Snow and the discoveries he made regarding the spread of cholera.
We discuss horrifically overcrowded cemeteries, body bugs, dancing on the dead at Enon Chapel, and take you on a ride on the London Necropolis Railroad.

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In 1953 Teddington, England, was a town buzzing about the upcoming coronation of Elizabeth II. After the long hard years of World War II, the nation was looking forward to celebrating, and very few people in the charming town on the Thames realized a brutal rapist and murderer was on the loose. This is the story of the murder of 16 year old Barbara Songhurst and her best friend, 18 year old Christine Reed, the victims of the Towpath Murders.

In the second part, Annie and Johanna talk about the murder of Empress Elisabeth I. in Geneva and the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife, Duchess Sophie in Sarajevo, which ultimately started WW I. 

The Habsburg dynasty ruled Austria for 640 years. In this two part episode we focus on the last decades of the dying empire. This week Annie and Johanna talk about the tragic and scandalous deaths of Crown Prince Rudolf and his 17 year old mistress Mary Vetsera.

In 1963 a brutal murder took place in the Viennese Staatsoper. The victim of the crime, that shocked the whole nation, was a 10 year old ballet student. 

On December 24, 1988, Sergeant Al Powell, of the LAPD would face the most difficult day of his long and storied career on the force. Join us, as we reflect on the shocking and tragic hostage situation that turned strangers into friends and terrorists into thieves.

Wait, is spontaneous combustion really a thing? Annie decides to finally look into the subject of people spontaneously bursting into flame and burning to ash, and she’s going to tell Johanna everything

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