This week we decided to talk about four of the most bizarre moments in history, that hold some humor....dark humor!

The unexpected death of Aeschylus, Tycho Brahe's unusual pet, the day Napoleon had to retreat from a fluffy army and the chaos that was the first Olympic marathon on US soil, during the Olympic games of 1904.

We share with you a few of our favorite tales and strange deaths, while keeping each other company under quarantine.


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In this episode we are taking you back to the year 1770, when an Austrian farmer's wife was set on trial for the murder of her husband. They had only been married for a little over a month. Eva Faschaunerin was the last victim of judicial torture in the Habsburg Monarchy.

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In 1970 Elmer Crawford spent a lot of time planning the murder of his wife and three children...this Family Annihilator almost got away with his plan to play the grieving husband and father...but even though one mistake made it clear he was the killer, would he ever be brought to justice? Annie tells Johanna all about this horrific Australian crime.


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Vermont is one of the most pastoral picturesque states in America, known for its covered bridges, cheese, stunning fall foliage, delicious maple syrup, winter sports, and a series of mysterious disappearances amd deaths in and around Bennington between 1945 and 1950. The Bennington Triangle is believed to be at the source of the mysterious cases. Join us as we discuss what may have happened to Middie Rivers, Paula Jean Weldon, James Tedford, Paul Jephson and Frieda Langer. 


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In 1977, the Enfield Poltergeist tormented a North London family and remains, arguably, the most documented poltergeist case to date. Flying LEGO’s and superheated marbles, levitation, apparitions... this case has everything! You voted for this topic for our 1st anniversary episode, so join us as we discuss our listener choice, The Enfield Poltergeist, the inspiration for the film, The Conjuring 2. Thanks to you, our listeners for a wonderful year! This episode is sponosred by Best Fiends:

This week Johanna tells Annie about the life and crimes of the sadistic Austrian spree killer, Werner Kniesek, and the tragic murder of the Altreiter family. Could these murders have been prevented?


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In this episode we cover the terrible axe murder that put the small town of Villisca, Iowa on the map. We’ll discuss the murder that destroyed both the Moore family and the Stillinger family, and explore the clues left behind by the killer. We’ll talk about the most likely suspects, and try to decide whether we think this savage, gruesome event was part of the work of an unnamed serial killer, or a solo event with lust, greed or revenge as the motive. Was there a copy cat killer who used published details from the cases we covered last week? Join us as we discuss the tragic Villisca Axe Murders of 1912.

In 1911 and 1912 there was a series of murders, all near train tracks, through the Rocky Mountains region to the Midwest. Today we discuss these horrific crimes leading up to the axe murders in Villisca. 
Do you think they are all the same unknown serial killer? 


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In 1991, Isaac Wright Jr. was wongfully convicted and faced a life in prison. But he kept going and fought for justice, not only for himself, but also for fellow inmates. After 7 years his charges were finally dismissed and Isaac Wright Jr. set out to study law and to become an advocate for people in similar situations. In "For Life: The Podcast" he now tells the true stories of inncocent people fighting for justice.

54 hours! That’s how long it took to end the Gladbeck Hostage Crisis, that started as a bank robbery gone wrong and ended in three deaths: Emanuele de Giorgi, Silke Bischoff and Ingo Hagen.
This week Johanna talks about this crime, that took place in August 1988, and about the role the media played in it.


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